Wandering Sword

Wandering Sword is a Chinese martial-arts RPG where you play a young swordsman caught up in a feud and nearly dies. Escaping the event puts you on the path of pursuing the highest form of martial arts and exploring the pugilistic world to become the great hero you are always destined to be.

Wandering Sword

Explore the vast world of ancient China as a young swordsman caught up in a deadly feud and almost dies, if not for the Wudang Sect’s leader coming to your rescue. The experience teaches you the importance of being self-reliant and puts you on the path of pursuing the highest forms of martial arts possible. As you traverse the Central Plains to help those in need, you will grow to become a true hero and your actions will inevitably change the fate of the martial arts world and those who live in it.



Bring out your Wuxia spirit and heroism in this
epic RPG adventure!

An Open World With a Lively Map
Traverse a huge open world and explore ancient China in its full glory. Visit bustling towns, secret caves, dangerous lairs and heavily guarded forts!

A Beautiful World Painted In Charming Pixel Artwork
Enjoy and bask in a colorful world painted charmingly in pixel graphics. Build your own legend as a Chinese martial art hero in our game designed to bring you the best of retro meets modern art style.

Dual Combat Modes For Your Choosing
Choose between real-time combat or turn-based combat to duel your enemies! Be it that you prefer to defeat your foes strategically or through fast-paced action, the choice is yours!
Become a Grandmaster of Martial Arts
As a member of the Chinese pugilistic world, all kinds of martial arts forms and weapons are available for your discovery. Learn how to cultivate your ‘qi’ by opening your meridian points. Become an expert of both the external and internal forms to gain true mastery of martial arts.

Multiple Endings and Immense Replayability
There is a great number of quests for you to take on and many adventures to explore. Deciding what quests to undertake will affect the eventual outcome of the game, leading to different endings and immense replayability.

Dynamic NPCs That Seem ‘Alive’
The NPCs in Wandering Sword are designed to have their own sets of behavioral AI. As you go about your own adventures, they will also go about their own. You will notice that when you next interact with them, they may have become more powerful and have their own stories to tell you.

Ready to play Wandering Sword?

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