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Build Your Own Masterpieces -
Put your crafting skills to the test and construct a variety of structures that embody the essence of ancient Chinese architecture. From traditional wooden houses to magnificent bridges, grandiose pavilions, ornate temples and even towering pagodas, - the possibilities are endless!

Farm and Grow -
Grow crops using traditional Chinese farming techniques by controlling water irrigation, fertilizers and the temperature. Harvest the fresh produce and savor the delicious flavors of Chinese style cuisine.

Timber and Harvest -
Gather resources through logging, mining, and foraging to create your essential tools.

Survive the Wilderness -
Brave the rugged wilderness and challenge yourself to survive against the elements and dangers that surround you. Keep your body and mind healthy by staying nourished, hydrated, and maintaining a stable temperature and sanity. Watch out for the unpredictable weather, poisons, creatures and other threats!

Discover the Unknown -
Each new game presents a magnificent and mysterious world with different biomes for you to explore. Marvel at the stunning landscapes and interact with friendly NPCs as you uncover the secrets of the ruins. Will you discover hidden treasures and make unexpected discoveries along the way? The adventure awaits!

Constant Threats -
Brace yourself for the constant threat posed by the malicious Jaer cultists, who will stop at nothing to disturb your peace and pillage your resources. Stay vigilant and defend yourself and your allies from their relentless attacks, safeguarding your land and preserving your way of life.

Pathless Woods is a sandbox game inspired by ancient China elements that features survival, exploration, construction, and farming. Traverse the land and explore its mysteries. Build your dream home. Farm, log, hunt, gather tea, cook, make silk, defend yourself against marauders and more.

Pathless Woods

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