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Story Background - Cyber Manhunt: New World is the gripping sequel to the award-winning Cyber Manhunt. Set in a world echoing the predecessor's, this sequel brings players on a fresh, thrilling narrative that delves into profound real-world issues and challenges.

In the wake of the "Eternal Code" incident and hacker Van's disappearance, the world tightens its internet laws. Meanwhile, Titan Corporation emerges at the forefront with a pioneering AI project that promises hope. Yet, the implications of such a leap forward remain ambiguous.

The deeper integration of AI into daily life offers unmatched ease, but at the cost of creeping into private realms. With AI, deceit and cyber assaults become trivial to execute yet difficult to detect, raising alarms of unseen perils.

Playing an AI assistant born from Titan Corporation, you must navigate this reality. Your mission to uncover truths tests your programming against ethical conundrums, as you determine whether AI heralds a utopia or a stealthy descent into dystopia.

Become a "True Hacker" - In this immersive virtual world, take on the role of an AI and tackle intricate social engineering tasks inspired from real-world hacking incidents. Utilize authentic hacking strategies as you progress through the game, covering a spectrum from fundamental to advanced techniques.

Engrossing, Interconnected Narrative - Experience a narrative where each chapter, inspired by real-world events, forms part of a broader, interconnected story. Navigate the emotional depths and psychological struggles of each character, and uncover a complex conspiracy with you at the epicenter.

A Spectrum of Lives - Meet a diverse cast of characters, each reflecting different societal aspects, motives, and backgrounds. In an AI-dominated era, uncover the hidden facets of these characters where no no secret remains concealed.

A narrative-driven puzzle game that combines themes of big data, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Play as an AI assistant in a major corporation. Deploy intricate social engineering tactics and expose hidden truths in a world of ambition, deception, and advanced technology.

Cyber Manhunt 2: New World

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