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How Spiral Up Games Empower Indie Developers Through Financing

Financing is not just about money. It is about having the publisher onboard as a partner.

At Spiral Up Games, we've always held a deep-rooted belief in the power and potential of indie game developers. The gaming industry is vast, and while AAA games have their undeniable allure, indie games bring an undiluted sense of originality and creativity. But a genuine challenge many indie developers face is financing. We're here to delve into why game publishers like us are pivotal in the indie game financing landscape.


Our Familiarity with the Financing Hurdles

Often times, substantial financial support is required to bring our games to life.

Being indie game developers ourselves, our journey as a game publisher started with a vision to unearth and polish the hidden gems of the indie game world. Over time, we've come to recognize that while the indie realm brims with creativity, converting these innovative ideas into reality often requires substantial financial support.


Not Just Funders, but Partners in the True Sense

A handshake signifies our commitment to indie developers.

Our commitment to indie developers transcends monetary investments. At Spiral Up Games, we strive to be a beacon of support, guidance, and expertise. When we invest in a game, it's not just about the money. It's about believing in a shared vision, and helping developers navigate the often convoluted path to game release.


From Developers, For Developers

Indie game developers discussing about a game.

We're not just another corporate entity looking for profitable ventures. Our roots lie in game development. That firsthand experience allows us to connect with indie developers on a personal level, understanding their dreams, struggles, and aspirations.


Guiding the Investment in the Right Direction

While providing funds is essential, the right guidance on utilizing these funds can make all the difference. Our seasoned team ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, making the most out of every dollar to elevate the game's quality and potential market success.

Wandering Sword in the top 3 trending games on Steam during its launch week

We partnered with highly relevant influencers and invested in strategic marketing initiatives for Wandering Sword's launch to maximize exposure with our target audience, amplifying the game's visibility and driving its success as a top trending game on Steam during its launch week.


Navigating the Volatile Waters of the Gaming World

The gaming industry is ever-evolving, and not all changes are predictable. As publishers, our role extends to shielding developers from unforeseen challenges and industry fluctuations. We're here to ensure that developers can focus on what they love – creating an amazing game – while we handle the intricacies of market dynamics.


Opening Doors to Global Opportunities

With our expansive network and expertise, especially in markets like China, we're dedicated to making indie games resonate on a global scale. When developers join hands with us, they aren't just getting financial backing; they're gaining access to audiences worldwide.

We successfully promoted "Back to the Dawn" on Bilibili, the Chinese equivalent of YouTube, resulting in hundreds of thousands of views, further emphasizing our expansive network and expertise in accessing various markets.



At Spiral Up Games, we see ourselves as more than just a publishing entity. We are collaborators, partners, and champions of indie spirit. Every time we finance a project, it's our way of saying that we believe in the dream and the dreamer. Our commitment is to ensure that financial constraints don't hinder the world from experiencing the magic indie developers have to offer.


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